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No Limits Conditioning

Individualized Coaching in a small group environment

As a fitness professional with over 17 years experience myself it is easy to become stagnant in your own workouts, this is why I hired Jeff! I have known Jeff for eight years now, working alongside him as a colleague and now his client. I have always admired his level of knowledge and professionalism and sought this expertise after my third child. IT is very important as a professional to maintain a certain standard, after teaching 10-12 classes a week and completing my long distance runs I was just not getting any stronger, I hired Jeff who has completely motivated me to become stronger and more efficient, and as a result my runs have gotten faster! The workouts we do are always smart and effective, which is very important to me. I have seen a change for the better and have sought his advice on my own clients and classes! I have managed many trainers for various facilities and have had the opportunity to work with a variety of professionals with various expertise hands down Jeff is the best trainer I have every come in contact with.

Maryanne Blake, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Boston, MA, USA

I started training with Jeff in January of this year when I relocated to Boston to finish my masters degree. I have used many trainers over the years and Jeff is by far THE best trainer I have ever worked with. I have made more gains with him in a year than I did with the trainer I used in Fl for the last 7 years. 

He introduced me to kettle bells and it's the best thing he could have ever done! He is extremely knowledgeable about kettle bells, is very strict about form and performing the exercises properly. He really listens to you and adapts your workouts to your specific needs. You can tell he loves what he does and truly cares about his clients!!

My workouts with Jeff are always challenging but I look forward to them everyday! The workouts are never boring! We use kettle bells, TRX, ropes, Indian clubs etc....He pushes me and holds me accountable for doing my cardio and eating a proper diet. As long as you give 100% he will always give 100% and then some. 

I unfortunately have to go back to Fl and I am devastated about ending my training with Jeff. I am so fearful I am going to lose all of the gains we have made but he is going to try and work with me on creating a program that will keep me on track. I can see purchasing kettle bells in my near future :)

Thanks Jeff, you're the best!!

Kristin Rosenberg

Hands down, Jeff is awesome!

I've been working with Jeff for a few years now, and we've transitioned to working mostly with kettle bells in the past few months. I have been so impressed by the way he's tailored a program for me that continues to build upon itself as I become stronger - I was shocked just yesterday in my ability to breeze through a workout that just a few months ago would have been nearly impossible. Form is never compromised, and Jeff always explains why an exercise needs to be done in a certain way and why it's important for my goals. Nothing seems tedious and Jeff truly cares about his clients as people, making every workout fun, even if consistently challenging!


Jeff is a terrific trainer

I started serious athletic training in my 40's. I am now in my 50's and have worked with Jeff for over 1 year. I am the most fit I have ever been and am thrilled with his training. I am an avid sculler and Jeff has tailored my workouts to give me the strength and cardio conditioning I need to compete in this sport. He focuses on working your entire body with a program that is never dull or repetitive. I don't believe I would train as hard on my own as I do with him and that makes the time spent with him very worthwhile. He gets me to challenge myself constantly but his manner is pleasant and easy. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is serious about getting in shape.


RKC prep

I trained with Jeff to prepare for my RKC. His knowledge base, training strategies and workout progressions were outstanding. Going into the RKC I was more than prepared. I was able to focus and learn rather than be nervous for the physical aspect of the certification. Working with Jeff was the best decision I made no only for preparing for the course but also for physically becoming stronger and leaner than I have ever been in my life. I highly recommend Jeff to people of any age and any ability.

Lauren Tefft

HKC Training

Jeff was an instructor at the HKC training I just finished. He was very helpful and knew exactly the right pointers to give the people in the class. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for Kettle bell instruction.

S. Goodwin

Top in his field

After working with Jeff for over 2 years, I have never met anyone with such a knowledge and passion for the industry. His extensive background and education is unmatched by others in his field and I would recommend his coaching and training services to anyone who is serious about reaching their health and performance goals.


Great Trainer, Great Guy

I've trained with Jeff since he moved to Massachusetts 7 years ago. I had previously worked with other trainers over the course of 15 years and was immediately impressed by his knowledge. He is a dedicated professional who truly cares about his clients. His whole body approach to training including nutritional advice along with a vigorous workout program has been a major factor in achieving my goals. He regularly takes continuing education courses and provides an evolving program that is effective and keeps you motivated. Over the years i've come to rely on him for maintaining my physical well being. Without hesitation I would recommend Jeff to others.


Great Trainer

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for the last four years. Since incorporating kettle bells in workouts I have seen significant changes in my strength and endurance. My training sessions with Jeff are not just generic routines but a tailored unique workout plan customized for goals. He takes the time to explain everything in detail when needed. Jeff is organized, knowledgeable and encouraging. I am consistently challenged. I would absolutely recommend him!!!!

Rosan Elichalt

Your Search For The Ultimate Trainer Is Over!

When I passed the age of 50, I decided it was time to make a serious commitment to a regular training routine with a top-notch trainer. More than 3 years ago I started training with Jeff, and it has been the most rewarding time I have ever spent in a gym. Jeff's level of commitment and professionalism are unsurpassed, and the care he puts into planning the sessions make each day interesting and productive. He stays on top of the latest training information and techniques, and has made working with the Russian KettleBells an integral and irreplaceable part of every workout, as well as a lot of fun. I'm in better shape now than I ever was in my 30's and 40's, and I really owe it all to Jeff's remarkable talent and skills.

John N.

Highly Recommend

I have been working with Jeff for almost a year. I am a former college basketball player entering my mid-30s and my body was slowly breaking down. I worked out regularly but wasn't feeling any better. I was basically treading water. 

That all changed after working with Jeff. He knows exactly how to make my body respond and is constantly developing workouts that are results driven. I was very excited to work with kettle bells, but realized that I needed to learn from someone who knew what they were doing. I was scared of getting hurt. Jeff's knowledge of kettle bells is unmatched in the area in my opinion. He stresses proper form to keep me safe and to provide a solid foundation for unlocking strength and doing more advanced exercises. 

After a short period of time I have become addicted to Jeff's workouts and kettle bells. My body feels like it is "one" again. Gone are the days of a sore back, achy knees, and poor stamina. 

I recommend Jeff to anyone of any age or body type. He is unique in that he listens to what you and your body are saying. He has held me back even when I want to do more because his experience dictates that it is the right thing to do. You don't get that with any old trainer. 

My only regret is that I didn't know Jeff or about kettlebells when I was playing competitively.

Greg P.

Very Effective and Very Likable

Jeff is so good that anyone considering his services should try him immediately. I was recommended to try Jeff by one of his happy clients and after just a few months of working with him I can say it has been both fun and productive. Jeff has a unique ability to make workouts very demanding while never over doing it. That means the workouts are exhausting and satisfying and something I look forward to. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Ted Oatis

Amazing Trainer and Strength Coach

I have known Jeff for over three years and have never worked with someone more passionate and knowledgeable. If he doesn't know something, he takes the steps to learn everything about it (his education and certifications are proof of that). He is the first person I turn to if I need help with anything fitness related. Training with him, especially using kettlebells, has made me so much stronger and I've completely changed my physique. 

Whether you are looking for a trainer or a mentor in the world of fitness, he is your guy. He's the real deal!!!


Great Workout Instructor

Jeff has trained me for almost a year. He has built a program that addressed my very specific needs and goals. He also gives me valuable advices on healthy nutrition, answers all my questions about training process, and always puts special focus on proper form, and its importance for staying injury free, especially when using heavier weights. Jeff is the best instructor I have ever trained with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is seeking quality training.


Fabulous Trainer

Jeff has trained my husband and me for five years. We started working out with him at our office when we were in our late fifties. We have gotten healthier and much stronger with his guidance and have far exceeded what we thought were our physical capabilities. He understands all aspects of training and is able to adjust our workouts to maximize our success. His dedication to staying current on training methods and certifications is unflagging. We have used kettlebells, TRX bands, weights, medicine balls, steps, among other things. Jeff keeps our workouts fresh, fun, and challenging, and we continue to progress with his encouragement.

Susan M.

A fantastic workout instructor

I have worked with Jeff for over two years now. He has extensive knowledge of the body and how to give you a workout tailored to your body. I am amazed at his ability to push me to the edge but ensure that I keep the proper form the whole time. I always feel like he is in tuned with what I am doing and is always pointing out ways to improve what I do. We do extensive workouts with Kettlebells and we just switched back to some deadlifts, boy was I amazed at how much stronger I was. He keeps me on my toes, keeps the workouts new and challenging and I can see the difference in my body. I have referred several people to Jeff and tell them he is at the top of his field is always getting new training and is the BEST kettle bell guy and trainer at the number one gym in Boston.

Mathew A

Go with Jeff

I just spent the weekend at the RKC cert course with Jeff. He definitely knows his stuff. He is friendly, helpful, and I recommend him highly.

Jim Barys