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No Limits Conditioning

Individualized Coaching in a small group environment

Cardio Wave Training

This is No Limits Conditionings version of interval training. Interval training involves intense periods of work designed to elevate a person’s heart rate followed by periods of lower intensity, meant to bring the heart rate back down. This cycle is then repeated for a desired set of intervals. Training in this manner has been shown to improve:
  1. Aerobic as well as anaerobic fitness
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Cardiovascular health
  4. Insulin sensitivity (helps exercising muscles more readily use glucose to make energy
  5. Cholesterol profiles
  6. A decrease in abdominal fat and body weight while maintaining muscle mass

An added benefit to interval training not found in regular cardio training is that a person tends to burn 6-15% more calories then traditional cardio.

No Limits Conditioning Wave Training is unique to other forms of cardio training being done today by involving 5 specific cardio stations that focus on different movement patterns that require different muscle recruitment. Each station challenges the cardio system in a manner that involves both upper and lower body muscle recruitment. This adds several benefits to the list above that are specific to No Limits Wave Training:

  1. You will be asked to perform several different fundamental movement patterns versus being on one machine.
  2. Moving between stations prevents boredom and makes the time go by quickly.
  3. By varying the starting station the impact of the workout changes keeping the benefits to the body fresh.
  4. There is a stronger emphasis on muscular endurance (the ability to sustain work rate over time) then in other forms of cardio class.
  5. Intervals can be modified to accommodate all levels of fitness from beginner to well trained athlete challenging the individual and allowing them to progress at their own rate.
  6. All training sessions are run by a NSCA certified coach.

The benefits of Cardio Wave Training make it a great compliment to any training routine as well as stand alone fitness program.