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No Limits Conditioning

Individualized Coaching in a small group environment

Personalized coaching for modern schedules in Boston's Back Bay

We are not an extreme fitness center.  

We are experienced coaches that help guide individuals and groups through education and focused effort to reach extreme results.

In today’s society physical activity has become minimalized. The obesity rate is at an all time high and climbing. People are becoming weaker, less conditioned and suffering more health problems then ever before. Many are finding it hard just to move without aches and pains. They are left wondering what they can do to feel better?

The answer No Limits Conditioning!

“The human body is meant to move and do work. The more work we do, the stronger we will be, the better we will move and thus the healthier we will feel. The quality of our life will increase. “  Jeff Falkowski owner No Limits Conditioning

No Limits Conditioning provides an environment where people can go to escape their daily challenges/stresses and focus on themselves. They will strengthen both their body and mind through focused and challenging workouts and will leave with a feeling of well being, less stressed and rejuvenated.

Members will become part of a team of like-minded individuals who value their health and wellness.

No Limits Conditioning prides itself on providing the best personal service possible. Always listening intently to members needs/concerns and being proactive in answering these requests. Members are treated with respect and valued. They will be challenged in a safe and instructive way to work through there perceived limits and reach their goals.  

All coaches are highly qualified leaders in the fitness industry and have completed the No Limits Conditioning mentorship program. They are focused on helping members reach their individual health/fitness goals.

Now come find out what No Limits Conditioning is all about.