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No Limits Conditioning

Individualized Coaching in a small group environment

Amazing Trainer and Strength Coach

I have known Jeff for over three years and have never worked with someone more passionate and knowledgeable. If he doesn't know something, he takes the steps to learn everything about it (his education and certifications are proof of that). He is the first person I turn to if I need help with anything fitness related. Training with him, especially using kettlebells, has made me so much stronger and I've completely changed my physique. 

Whether you are looking for a trainer or a mentor in the world of fitness, he is your guy. He's the real deal!!!


Great Workout Instructor

Jeff has trained me for almost a year. He has built a program that addressed my very specific needs and goals. He also gives me valuable advices on healthy nutrition, answers all my questions about training process, and always puts special focus on proper form, and its importance for staying injury free, especially when using heavier weights. Jeff is the best instructor I have ever trained with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is seeking quality training.


Fabulous Trainer

Jeff has trained my husband and me for five years. We started working out with him at our office when we were in our late fifties. We have gotten healthier and much stronger with his guidance and have far exceeded what we thought were our physical capabilities. He understands all aspects of training and is able to adjust our workouts to maximize our success. His dedication to staying current on training methods and certifications is unflagging. We have used kettlebells, TRX bands, weights, medicine balls, steps, among other things. Jeff keeps our workouts fresh, fun, and challenging, and we continue to progress with his encouragement.

Susan M.

A fantastic workout instructor

I have worked with Jeff for over two years now. He has extensive knowledge of the body and how to give you a workout tailored to your body. I am amazed at his ability to push me to the edge but ensure that I keep the proper form the whole time. I always feel like he is in tuned with what I am doing and is always pointing out ways to improve what I do. We do extensive workouts with Kettlebells and we just switched back to some deadlifts, boy was I amazed at how much stronger I was. He keeps me on my toes, keeps the workouts new and challenging and I can see the difference in my body. I have referred several people to Jeff and tell them he is at the top of his field is always getting new training and is the BEST kettle bell guy and trainer at the number one gym in Boston.

Mathew A

Go with Jeff

I just spent the weekend at the RKC cert course with Jeff. He definitely knows his stuff. He is friendly, helpful, and I recommend him highly.

Jim Barys